Welcome to ABC Corporation


     At  ABC (Abronbar International shipping and Transpiration company), we believe in the power of sea and inland waterway,  the steel wheel on steel rail as well as access to international free waterways and  strategic and geographical location of Islamic Republic of Iran which is considered the North-south corridor.


     A company is only as good as its people — and the employees at ABC's family of businesses located around the world are truly outstanding. Our commitment to the company's core values is our great strength, and has positioned ABC as the leader within the global supply chain management industry. In short, we pride ourselves on attracting the best talent, offering endless opportunities, and challenging everyone, everyday, to make a difference. difference.


     We have built a strong foundation since 1995  on the pride that comes from our transportation experience. Add to that technology, training and communication. Align everything with, teamwork, adversity of ideas, integrity, and making decisions based on the company's core values.


   The ABC Corporation and its subsidiaries collectively move more that 25 billion pound of freight a year. But the nature of moving freight has changed and become so sophisticated that the movement of information is now as important as the movement of the products that ABC delivers for its customers. The company continues to invest heavily in technology focusing its efforts on conducting customer transactions the internet; developing and implementing state-of-the-art dispatch, warehouse management, on fulfillment and tracking system; and optimizing the routing of its ships, trains, trucks and planes in order to increase efficiency and reduce transit times.


     What's the result? An engaged employees team using progressive ideas to make powerful things happen.